I was recently chatting with a great friend who is now retired from a distinguished career as an ambulance paramedic.

We eventually got onto the relatively hot topic of community and work based AED’s and how trends in resuscitation have changed so dramatically over the lifetime of our previous careers.

Paul Knight recalled a cardiac arrest where he was pivotal in instigating life saving treatment while the passenger was still at the in the rear of a wide bodied aircraft that had just landed. A cabin crew member called for medical help as a passenger was found to be in a collapsed state and still located in their seat.

After reaching the patient, Paul confirmed that he was unresponsive to touch and talk and in obvious cardiac arrest. He called for an AED; resuscitation equipment and for an ambulance.

“We carefully, safely and quickly removed the patient from his seat and immediately started CPR and quickly applied the AED.

“We performed CPR using the 30:2 method and received the appropriate prompts from the AED which, after three discharges, resulted in the return of a good pulse and attempted breaths.”

What a great save…!

“The airport’s first responder fire team quickly arrived with the ambulance paramedics shortly after.

“Later we found out that the patient successfully received a stent at a major hospital and that he had fully recovered with his only complaint being a sore chest and that he missed his connecting flight,” Mr. Knight beamed.

This case highlighted the need for quality CPR training, professionally delivered, and that AED’s need to be placed in workplaces or areas where people congregate in significant numbers or there is a significant risk of serious injury or even death.

You don’t want your team to panic at 40k’; in an isolated mine or work site or out to sea on an oil rig or ship.

First Aid Safety Training has the expertise to deliver the best nationally accredited training, the best equipment, the best of case savvy facilitators and the best of continuing mentoring and support to assist them in managing the stressful events that cases like this bring to our team mates.

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