The HVSBRKIT High Voltage Switchboard Rescue Kit is designed to be used by a safety observer for the safe rescue of victims of electrical shock and other injuries when working on High Voltage switchboards in electricity supply and industrial substations.




  • Locating and isolating supply
  • Protecting the rescuer
  • Retrieving the victim
  • Providing essential first aid


  • High quality Catu 1.65m fibreglass rescue crook, tested and rated for HV use
  • High quality LED torch
  • High visibility carry bag with unique glow strip
  • Meets regulatory requirements for electrical safety

Contents High Voltage Switchboard Rescue Kit

  • Weatherproof bag, orange high visibility, synthetic non tear material.
  • Unique Emergency “Glow In The Dark” Strip.
  • LV Rescue Crook Fiberglass, 25mm Dia , Double insulated overmould handle
  • Catu 45KV HV Rescue Crook Fibreglass 1.65m long
  • 17KV Class 2 gloves to IEC 60903
  • Emergency isolation sign 260 x 175mm
  • Fire Blanket 1800 x 1200mm (AS/NZS 3504)
  • Torch LED dolphin non-conductive 2x D size batteries
  • Multi trauma dressing EO sterilized
  • Thermal accident shock blanket
  • CPR face mask(CE Approved)
  • List of contents and conformity card

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