KIAH Health Pty Ltd is a company that is planned, organised and operating on our four key values;

K- Knowledge – We will always be up to date with the very best trends and practices in the health care industry; We will always consult widely with the industry specialists.

I- Integrity – We will always act and be seen to act in an open and honest way that reflects a culture of great honesty, trust and professionalism;

A- Access – We will always aim to provide our patients; our Customers; our staff and the wider health care community with access to our significant knowledge and skills base;

H- Holistic – We will always view our patients with a full 360o view and supply, access, treat and support them according to their needs.

We will be using the significant resources of our training arm, First Aid Safety Training to align our two organisations and focus on an “holistic” approach” to the provision of industry best practice and fully accredited training as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 32085).

Kiah Health Pty Ltd has the knowledge and the skills to address issues in the wider healthy care community by offering the following services;

  1. Mental health first aid;
  2. Employee Assistance Programs;
  3. Peer Support Personnel;
  4. Counter Disaster/Emergency Response (ERT) management and training;
  5. Mobile Critical Care Clinics (MCCC) that are designed and engineered to be fully compliant to Australian Standards. Our builders build these literally from the “ground up” to reduce the work load on our skilled clinicians so they can totally focus their attention on saving the life of their patient(s);
  6. Mobile Counter Disaster (MCD) units that are engineered to be portable; sturdy (able to be placed in all climates and conditions) and rapidly responded by civilian or military combat agencies by air, sea and land to disaster hotspots on a global level;
  7. We are shortly about to appoint our Medical Director who will be asked to design our Global Medical Response and Retrieval Plans (GMRRP);
  8. Our medical director will supervise and approve all our treatment plans while we assist with sourcing suitable clinicians from all health disciplines including intensive care paramedics; mental health practitioners; A&E nurses and doctors; natural therapy practitioners and physiotherapists.
  9. We will gladly provide cost effective life saving medical equipment;
  10. Supply on site audit services, and
  11. We will provide the global resources sector with a world class and safe medical treatment and retrieval system.

When you engage our business,  we will fully support your team with the very best clinicians using the very best, timely and seamless medical retrieval system that we can provide, anywhere  –  anytime.





Our new operating systems need fine tuning with a functional Wed page and other support mechanisms – so please be patient with us.

We are open for business…!

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